The life-saving Bigbag!

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Do not expose your team to the risk of accidents.


You can save lives

Do not be responsible for exposing your team to unnecessary risks. There is a tested, safe way to protect people.
Be the one responsible for making the decision that prevented accidents and protected lives and families.

Avoid handling the loops

Many warehouse work accidents arise from the need for direct handling of the bigbag loops by employees.

Avoid falls

Stacking exposes the team to the risk of falls, which can cause many fatal or disabling accidents.

Bet on quality

The rupture of a Bigbag causes the stack to lose stability, causing severe accidents, as well as huge losses of stored material.

Exclusive patented cover.

The exclusive cover of the SmartMove free-standing Bigbags eliminates the need for employees to handle loops for storage and moving. It has stabilizers that allow perfect fit with the forks of the forklift.

Smart design.

The design of the cover allows for the precise lifting of the Bigbag, creating a true connection with the forklift, with complete safety for operators.

The best materials

The structure of the SmartMove free-standing Bigbag is reinforced to prevent ruptures.
The fabrics used have superior weights and the standard dimensions guarantee the storage of 1.5 ton.


By eliminating the need to expose people to the risks of working at heights and with the stronger structure,
we increase stacking capacity.
From 3 to 4 BigBags.
This creates a 25% increase in warehouse capacity.

A stack that held 75 sacks.

Now can hold 100 sacks.

BigBags sold

Leader in the segment

Producing over 5 thousand SmartMove free-standing Bigbags a month.

Some of our clients

More than 50 clients served

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Why to invest in a SmartMove free-standing Bigbag?

Because it saves lives through a patented moving system without the need for handling loops.

What is the production time?

The delivery time varies greatly according to the volume of the order, but deliveries begin 30 days after the order is formalized.

How much does it cost?

The SmartMove free-standing Bigbag is slightly more expensive than the conventional storage bigbag. But the space saving in the warehouse and the reduction of expenses with accidents easily compensates the price difference.

How is the SmartMove free-standing Bigbag better than its competitors?

The design was created by Destak.
Quality is superior in all aspects: our product lasts more, is safer, and complies with strict norms and standards.

How can I try the SmartMove free-standing Bigbag?

We produce specific samples according to the needs of each client. The samples are taken personally by a qualified team that supervises the tests, resolves doubts and forwards any adjustments to the project.